David Henry

David Henry is the founding Principal of Henry & Co Solicitors, established in January 2014.

David graduated from NUI Galway with a degree in Law and Irish in 2004 before qualifying as a Solicitor with the Law Society of Ireland. Subsequent to his qualification as a Solicitor, David studied for a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Queens University Belfast. As part of his Masters Degree dissertation David conducted a comparative analysis of the use of DNA evidence in criminal trials in this jurisdiction, Northern Ireland and the UK.

Prior to founding Henry and Co in 2014 he practiced law in San Francisco, California where he worked primarily in the area of commercial litigation.

David has extensive experience in criminal defence litigation with cases originating in the District Court through to the Circuit Court, High Court and Central Criminal Court.

In addition, David has represented hundreds of plaintiffs in their medical negligence and personal injury cases particularly within the jurisdiction of the High Court.


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